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resizing raid partition

Hi, I have run into a slight problem. I have arch installed using software raid and both disks are the same size and are split up into three matching particians.

The set up is pretty basic and im using the the whole disk/disks for the arch install.

md1 = sda1 and sdb1 on ext2 = /boot  (raid1)
md2 = sda2 and sdb2 = swap  (raid1)
md0 = sda3 and sdb3 on ext3 = /  (raid5)

I want to resize sda3 and sdb3 to make room for another OS.  I've been reading up on the gparted documentation, which is kind of vague when it comes to resizing linux raid partitions. The gparted live cd works well enough and recognizes both disk correctly. Has anyone tried this with gparted? I've never tried resizing an exisiting partician with an os already on it. I think I need to resize the file system first to match the new partician size im going to create? Are there any important steps I need to take before resizing sda3 and sdb3 besides resizing my / file system ?

Edit:  I decided not to chance creating free space this way, since I got my hands on a usb external drive.

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