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#1 2007-06-20 20:54:39

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movie files using ratdvd codec in arch?


I have downloaded a few movies that uses the ratdvd codec

How can I change it to dvd files?
or, directly to xvid / divx files?



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Re: movie files using ratdvd codec in arch?

I've read somewhere that it is possible to use unzip to extract .ratDVD files. Maybe that helps and you'll get some files you can use with mplayer, vlc or the like...

Ok, out of curiosity I just tried this myself with a ratDVD testfile. Unzipping gave a warning, but worked:

 smoon:/tmp % file unknown_AC3VS.ratDVD
unknown_AC3VS.ratDVD: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
 smoon:/tmp % unzip unknown_AC3VS.ratDVD
Archive:  unknown_AC3VS.ratDVD
 extracting: Version.xml
warning:  unknown_AC3VS.ratDVD appears to use backslashes as path separators
 extracting: AV_TS/VTS_01_1.XVO
 extracting: AV_TS/VTS_01_1.VSI
 extracting: AV_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO
 extracting: AV_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO
 extracting: AV_TS/StreamData.xml
 smoon:/tmp % file AV_TS/*
AV_TS/StreamData.xml: XML
AV_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO:   Video manager, v10
AV_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO:   Video title set, v10
AV_TS/VTS_01_1.VSI:   data
AV_TS/VTS_01_1.XVO:   MPEG sequence, v2, program multiplex

Trying to play the .XVO file with mplayer at least gave me sound. The video, however, did not work:

Playing AV_TS/VTS_01_1.XVO.
MPEG-PS file format detected.
MPEG: FATAL: EOF while searching for sequence header.
Video: Cannot read properties.

I'm not sure what kind of video data that is, but maybe you somehow manage to get it to play.

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