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#1 2007-06-21 00:39:06

From: Busan / S.Korea Busan
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xine subtitle problem !!

xine was installed on my arch Linux 64.
but subtitle in Korean is appeared in ugly(??)  - -;;
In xine homepage, I can see that xine supports 2 types fonts,
one is ttf, other is xine own fonts.
I copied ttf font(NDOTUM.TTF) to /usr/share/xine/lib../fonts/  and
fixed .xine/config . subtitle.sepatae...font : NDOTUM.TTF or 새돋움 in korean fontname.
But subtitle doesn't appeare , even subtilte diappeaed.
arch xine-lib package don't include "libfont-conv" , so I can't try xine own font...
How can I see korean subtile in xine..l.

- Queen Medley


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