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#1 2007-06-21 02:12:28

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xinitrc not executing everything properly

This is for my MythTV frontend computer. It worked before the latest round of updates. Now not all of the programs are running... in particular, xsetroot has no effect. When I run it from the command line as the "myth" user, it works properly and makes the background black. When executed from this script, however, it doesn't do what it is supposed to, and my background is white.

Furthermore, the setting in ~/.fluxbox/init does not change the background color either.

Odd... any thoughts?

/usr/bin/xset -dpms s off
/usr/bin/irexec &
/usr/bin/nvidia-settings -l
/usr/bin/xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0
/usr/bin/xsetroot -solid black
/usr/bin/mythfrontend -v important -l /var/log/mythfrontend.log &
exec /usr/bin/fluxbox


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