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#1 2007-06-22 19:08:27

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Sound is crackled (solved)


I recently reinstalled Arch and came across few troubles. Eventually I solved those. This one, however, is much harder to resolve for me alone. I have a Nvidia Nforce 3 motherboard with a Realtek ALC655. I got the sound driver to work or so I think. I installed gstreamer support for mp3 files and wanted to test if my sound card works. I do

aplay file

and on every mp3 and/or music file, I get white noise from built in monitor speakers. I duel boot and sound in Windows is fine so its not my speakers nor faulty hardware. If someone can enlighten me on this problem, I would be most grateful.
Thanks in advanced.

EDIT: I just used a differnet program to play the sound file and it worked fine. Aplay was the fault here.

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#2 2007-06-24 15:58:22

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Re: Sound is crackled (solved)

What sort of file were you playing with it? AFAICT it only does voc, wav, raw, and au files. If you were doing mp3s, there you go. OTOH, this is pretty fun.


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