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ADSL, Bridge Mode

Broadband internet setup is a breeze in Ubuntu. ADSL based broadband provides 2 modes to connect to the internet i.e.
PPPoE mode
Bridged mode
You can use both modes to connect to the internet on Ubuntu.

Thanks to Shirish for this info:For those who are new, pppoeconf is similar to the dial-up utility which you do , you make the connections & hence are slightly more secure. Actually most of the modem+routers have bridge mode but just needs to be turned on with some configuration, I might put up the configuraton for the D-Link 502T (or might have done it already sometime back) . IIRC bridge mode &/or pppoeconf are one & the same. The good thing with bridge mode (pppoeconf) is that one doesn't have to do any port -forwarding so one can do torrents & stuff easy. It has its own pluses & minuses just like everything else. Just need to have the firewall to do your work. Some of the better routers also have a hardware firewall so you can have some kind of white-list/blacklist.
The internet mode by the router where username & password are done usually have some kind of virtual server where you can port-forward for your bittorrent and/or game servers if you play games. The good part is apart from port 80 & port 25 (which are usually open) all the other ports are closed apart from any ports opened up specifically to allow some application to use.

You can check your internet mode in the ADSL modem setup page (e.g. in a browser. If you are using the PPPoE mode, you are not required to do any configurations in Ubuntu and your broadband internet will work by default. But if you want to use the Bridged mode, you have to follow the steps mentioned below (you'll need DNS information of your broadband service provider) :
Go to System->Administration->Network. In the "Connections" tab choose "Wired Connection", click properties and ensure that the configuration is "DHCP". In the DNS tab, add the DNS addresses provided by your service provider and click "Close".
Try pinging your your router ip i.e., etc through a terminal.
Then run the following command :
$ sudo pppoeconf
Choose default setting in all options. When prompted for user name, password, enter correct user name, password provided by your internet service provider.

After this, run the following command to start your dialer:
$ sudo pon dsl-provider
To disconnect:

$ sudo poff dsl-provider

That is a guide to run ADSL internet in bridge mode in Ubuntu.
I have been wondering for ages how to do that in Arch, and I am much of a noob to understand what is happening there. I couldn't find the 'pppoeconf' executable on Arch.
I am using KDE.
If anybody knows how to perform the same in Arch, please come forth.


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