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#1 2007-06-24 22:13:57

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Help with World of Warcraft

After following the WoW page on the wiki and successfully installing World of Warcraft, I can't seem to get it to run.

Whenever I attempt to run the game, my CPU-usage skyrockets and everything is forced to a crawl. The game's login screen comes up half-rendered and utterly inaccessible. I've changed around to use opengl and all that good stuff, but nothing seems to be working. I'm running this through wine, as per the wiki said to.

Right now, I'm using the xorg-video-ati package and the driver "radeon" in my xorg.conf and glxinfo states that direct rendering is enabled. Should I be using the "ati" driver, or attempt to install fglrx? Or is something else causing this crippling sluggishness?


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Re: Help with World of Warcraft

All I remember about setting up my 3d games was that I couldn't play them properly until I installed fglrx and the closed ati driver successfully, whatever driver came by default doesn't have the power to run them... for me anyway. If you have no 3d acceleration at all it would make sense that the login wouldn't pop up, but I was under the impression that the stock drivers did provide choppy 3d acceleration. I can't really help, I don't know anything about video card drivers in linux. What happens when you type fglrxinfo


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Re: Help with World of Warcraft

Also, make sure that you have "Allow Pixel Shader" checked in winecfg. I know that when its not checked I get problems with the log-in screen.


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Re: Help with World of Warcraft

You need fglrx. … Kernel_2.6

Once you get that setup, if you're still having any issues; let us know. I have WoW working near perfectly other than my FPS usually drops to 20-25fps in Outlands, but I suspect that's because this box is showing it's age. I only played BC for about 3.5 weeks before I switched back to Linux, so I don't remember what it was like it Windows. Overall WoW works great under Linux (I get better latencies actually! smile)

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