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Arch and Live Midi Music

Hi all,
I noticed theres a bit of a musician following in Arch. I currently have a basic midi keyboard controller but I'm looking to buy a Novation X-Station. I've noticed that Alsa supports it which is good and my dream is to be making live music completely open source.

I want to hook up a X-Station to a laptop for live performances but just wanted to know what people are using. I know there isn't a direct equivanlent to Reason on Linux but thats the sort of thing I'm after. I'm more of a musician though so if I can do without drums and effects, just need a good synth, piano sound and strings/orch that can be played in real time (with various effects on the desired sound being changed in realtime via midi controls, such as attack, decay, reverb etc.)

Any thoughts, opinions, experiences to share?


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