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#1 2007-06-30 20:14:55

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Install Arch from 2007.05 "base" iso or the "current" iso?

My old Arch install (0.7.2, upgraded in Nov. 06) may be broken, and I'm thinking of doing a fresh install of 2007.05.  For the old install, I'd followed the recommended procedure of installing just the base system from the CD iso image, then installed the xorg and kde metapackages via pacman and then built the system from there.

At present, Arch offers a 2007.05-Duke.current iso of 550 MB that includes Xorg plus other things (but not KDE), on top of the base package.  What exactly is the virtue of this bigger iso over the base package iso (150 MB).  Why are the devs offering this bigger "current" iso, and is this the preferred way of installing Arch now?


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Re: Install Arch from 2007.05 "base" iso or the "current" iso?

current is just a "snapshot" at a given point. unless you don't have an internet connection, there's really no good reason to use that instead of base + upgrade. you'll just upgrade everything sooner or later anyway, so you're better off just going with base + upgrade from the beginning.


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Re: Install Arch from 2007.05 "base" iso or the "current" iso?

You could also take it one step further, and use the ftp iso (a mere 27MB for i686, 35MB for x86_64) - that basically provides the installer only, and downloads everything else from the repos. Of course, as with slackhack's "base + upgrade" suggestion, a decent net connection is essential for  an ftp install.


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Re: Install Arch from 2007.05 "base" iso or the "current" iso?

Base!!!!, then you upgrade!


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