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Initial install w/o Internet Connection

Hello all! (My first ever post on archlinux).

I have here in my hands a CD-R containing the latest version of archlinux (base). Before I take the plunge and install it, I want to know if I need a working internet connection for the initial install. I have migrated to arch from xubuntu because it had horrible conflictions with my hardware, namely my wireless router/USB receiver. I'm willing to make it work with arch, but was just wondering whether I should lug my PC in range of my modem and wire it (via RJ-45 ethernet cable) or if I would be 'okay' using my WLAN connection.

Thanks, and I look forward to learning with you all!


#2 2007-07-05 07:33:49

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Re: Initial install w/o Internet Connection

You do not need an internet connection to complete the BASE install.  You will, however, require an internet connection aftwerwards to install DE, and other applications. 

As a start, I would connect to the router via Ethernet Cable and once I have my PC working as I wanted it, look for ways and means to use the wireless card.

I would recommend that you follow the Archwiki Official Installation Guide ( … tall_Guide) or this … page1.html

Welcome to ARCH!

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Re: Initial install w/o Internet Connection

What driver does your USB wifi adapter use?


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