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#1 2007-07-10 12:13:56

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Migration to Arch Linux without extra partition requirement

Hello every body.

I'm currently making somes linux migration distribution, which means, installing on the current root partition Arch Linux and then having the possibility to switch from one to the other one just like you would have 2 distros on separate partitions. As you can imagine it's a interesting challenge. For me it is a must since I do not have any disk free needer want to create any new partitions. Moreover, the all process is possible to be done remotetly.
They is an available detail explaination how I proceed at
Just be aware it is continuously updated as I'm doing the migration.

Any comment are welcome


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#2 2007-07-15 13:27:24

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Re: Migration to Arch Linux without extra partition requirement

Have you looked at the wiki for installing the arch32 bit enviornment on arch64 ?
I think it's basically a decription of what your wanting to do. Even though it was written for just adding a minimal 32 bit install within arch 64, you could use the steps to install a complete sytem within another. … bit_system

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