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#1 2007-07-16 19:20:03

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Floppy install error

I had a problem when I was upgrading my Dell Inspiron 8100 to the Arch Duke. After setting up the hdd, during the packages installation my cd rom drive stop working, it just became dead. So I couldn't continue the cd install. I downloaded the floppy images and boot from the boot image, I burned them with rawrite2 from an XP machine.

The floppy boots nice but at the boot screen when I hit enter, with the boot floppy still on the drive, it just say  ERROR: 0x01.
I cheked the md5sum of the downloaded floppy images files and they are good. Don't know how to setup arch for my pc because its an old laptop and it doesn't have usb boot support. I manage to install Debian, which is what Im using now to make this post, but for me archlinux is better and I want to use it instead of Debian.

Thanx in advance,

EDIT: Thanx for your reply  elwario, but I can't afford to buy a new drive because it is integrated in my laptop and an external one will not work since I'm unable to boot from usb. Although the other idea sounds quite good. Second solution doesn't work because my cd rom is dead so I can't mount it. My only way to fix it is to find a working floppy image or to do a network install. I will try to find how to do a network install because I had another pc near mine, it is running WinXP. Maybe the error is due to an outdated floppy image or a bad one, the weird thing is the md5sum was right and the floppy is fine.

Does anyone know if the floppy images available to download are working?
Is there some good tutorial on how to make a floppy image that can be used to install archlinux?

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Re: Floppy install error

ERROR: 0x01, would be nice to know what this error is!
For the installation process, buy a new cd drive or I think it is possible to mount it and boot it from another partition; not sure smile
Can't really help you, but search something in the second solution...

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