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#1 2007-08-05 21:57:16

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Xorg 1.3, xorg-video-intel and compiz fusion = no xv

Greetings. When im using compiz fusion on xorg 1.3 i cant use Xvideo.
I know i can use x11/shm, but it's not nearly as good as xvideo is without compiz.
Is there something wrong with the inteldriver or compiz?
Is there any fix for this?
Im using a GMA950 by the way.



#2 2007-08-06 18:26:41

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Re: Xorg 1.3, xorg-video-intel and compiz fusion = no xv

I have been having the same problem with xv, compiz and xf86-video-intel. I would have suggested using EXA but the current xorg-server contains a patch which will crash the system quite horribly when trying to start compiz using EXA.

If the offending patch is removed compiz can be started and videos played using xv but that is not without its own problems, in that EXA seems to be considerably slower than standard XAA (for me anyway) and when playing videos using xv it tends to use full cpu for some reason.

As yet I have not come across a solution which will allow me to play video with decent performance using compiz and the intel drivers, which is a shame because everything else seems to work pretty well.

[ - details of offending patch in xserver]


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