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#1 2004-04-02 22:11:23

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Lindows propaganda :-)


I just found this
Enjoy :-)



#2 2004-04-02 23:27:25

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Re: Lindows propaganda :-)

they have or something like that which is completely horrible. Its the one comparing a bunch of distributions. I think it was on the gentoo boards where they were emailing the company asking about all the features (most of the stuff is BS, or it counts because its installed by default...), and the people actually responded and tried to argue with them.

As long as theyre following the GPL, why complain? True, they're a marketing giant (and thats about it), but they're getting more people away from windows (if thats what you like).
Maybe someone will play around with their Lindows box and try a new distro. I know I got into computers by playing with a win 3.1 box, if it would've been a linux box...

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#3 2004-04-03 00:14:30

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Re: Lindows propaganda :-)

Yeah, that trylinux website is disgusting. It's basically complete commercial bull shit. I don't like that at all, but it's especially horrible because linux has been relatively separate from this for a long time.

I mean, they say Lindows is the most popular Desktop version of Linux. What is their definition of "popular"? I highly doubt lindows has more desktop installations than Mandrake, Fedora(Redhat), or Suse.

I think the worst part is that they only mention that the site is run by lindows really small at the bottom. It should be a lot more obvious. It's not just misleading, but the site borders on lying.

Not to mention that Lindows helps promote proprietary things (e.g. their deals with non-standard ISPs). If Lindows gained loads of marketshare, it would not help linux that much, becuase the whole world would still be proprietary and only work with Lindows. They just don't get it, and are trying to appeal to both sides.

Basically, I think all linux distros should be open source. It's ok to charge for support, and it's even ok not to give out free ISOs (because of commercial artwork, etc), but it's not helping anyone to close your code.

There's my rant.

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#4 2004-04-05 15:19:14

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Re: Lindows propaganda :-)

Kin wrote:



#5 2004-04-07 11:59:03

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Re: Lindows propaganda :-)

That's the funniest dang thing I've seen in a long time!

If only Arch had a kewl song like that...


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