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#1 2007-08-17 06:09:55

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Mobile dual monitor setup

What is the best way to setup up dual monitors with a laptop?  I have different screens at home and at work and would like to be able to switch between them and having no second monitor. 

One option I was considering was having multiple xorg.conf files and swapping them as necessary.  Would I need to restart X after the switch or is there some command to get X to re-read the config files?  Is this even a good apporach?


#2 2007-08-17 07:11:26

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Re: Mobile dual monitor setup

For myself, most of my laptops have an nVidia graphics card and for dual-monitor it's only 3 lines in my conf so when i don't have the 2nd monitor hooked up, i just comment out those 3 lines and restart X and when i'm back to having the 2nd display, i just comment them back in and restart X.


#3 2007-08-17 13:33:40

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Re: Mobile dual monitor setup

here's a wiki page that tells some basic stuff about dual monitors using a single xorg file...  you will likely have to use your own monitor driver but it will give you the basics. … al_Display


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