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Downgrading glibc?

I have quite a strange problem with Valgrind, described here. I suppose it has something to do with glibc 2.6 because Valgrind stable doesn't seem to run well with it. Now I want to try to downgrade my system to a 2.5.x glibc version to see if the problem still exists afterwards.
However, I`am questioning myself how to do this the best way. I`am running an up-to-date "Don`t Panic" System.
Is it possible that several (important) packages like bash or pacman stop working after downgrading from 2.6 to 2.5? And how can I achieve the downgrade itself without raising too much dust? I think pacman -R glibc should work and everything else after that too because glibc still resides in memory. But how can I install the new(old wink) glibc? A 2.5-package, installable directly with pacman (is pacman --add enough?) would be perfect I think. But where can I find such a package? The Package-DB doesn`t seem to offer a download.
Well, that are just my thoughts on the whole thing and maybe I`am wrong, so I would be glad if someone could help me a little bit with that task or even has some little how-to that will help me not to waste my whole system wink

Thanks in advance.

addition: I`am using 64-bit Arch Linux

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Re: Downgrading glibc?

Yes, it's very possible that you'll break lots of things downgrading glibc -- don't.

See if there's a newer valgrind or something.



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