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#1 2007-08-29 11:15:47

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temperature threshold event (without kde/gnome)?

Hi all,
with all those approaches around (powersave, pm-utils, hibernate-script, laptop-mode, cpufreqd, cpufrequtils and so on), I am now utterly confused. However, I suspect I have a somewhat sound setup. Because I had problems in the past with the CPU getting too hot, I have set it to its lowest frequency, powersave governor, almost everywhere I could. Now I'm getting a bit more courageous (and tired of the CPU being used only with some 40% of its power), and I am about to reboot with a few settings changed to ondemand. Now to make sure nothing bad happens, I would like to start passive cooling when a certain temperature threshold is reached, i.e. I want to revert to governor powersave based on that event. But how would I go about generating such an event? Probably something with hald?



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