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#1 2007-09-04 20:54:20

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Sound suspends automatically...? (+ noise)

Hi everyone,

a few hours ago I've done a pacman -Syu on my HP Pavilion DV6153EU (which BTW now runs i686 instead of x86_64 for a month due to compatibility issues), and now after rebooting, my sound chip (hda_intel "MCP51 High Definition Audio") seems to power off itself after a few seconds of non usage.

This I can check because off the corresponding blue LED above the keyboard turning from blue (on) to red (off). If I then start playing some music, the LED turns blue again, I can hear my music, and as long as the music is playing, the LED keeps blue.

Of course in terms of power saving, this sounds like cool stuff. smile The only problem is that every time the chip switches from on to off or vice versa, it is accompanied by a short and disturbing noise. sad And this is where my problem lies:

As the strange noises already appear while booting, the problem seems to be directly related to either alsa, the kernel or udev. Out of the upgraded packages these ones are the most suspicious:

[2007-09-04 19:26] upgraded kernel-headers ( ->
[2007-09-04 19:26] upgraded alsa-lib (1.0.14-4 -> 1.0.14-5)
[2007-09-04 19:26] upgraded alsa-utils (1.0.14-1 -> 1.0.14-2)
[2007-09-04 19:27] upgraded udev (113-3 -> 114-1)
[2007-09-04 19:28] upgraded kernel26 ( ->
[2007-09-04 19:28] upgraded klibc-udev (113-1 -> 114-1)

Additionally, if I mute the sound myself, the LED also changes its color to red. This is normal. But interesting to mention is that also after a few seconds (if I don't play any music) the noise which indicates the sound chip power off is clearly audible. And if I start playing some music again (in the muted state), the noise reappears (AKA sound chip on again).

So the behavior seems to be independent of whether the sound is muted or not, but directly connected to whether the sound chip is being used or not.

Anyone else out there having the same problem, or perhaps already a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sound suspends automatically...? (+ noise)

just thought id pipe in here as well. ive got a dv9000 with the same exact problem and ive worked to try a solution for about a week now and come up with nothing.

anyone come across a solution yet?

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Re: Sound suspends automatically...? (+ noise)

Same issue here.
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