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Howto use pm-hibernate together with 915resollution?

Hi, I would like to ask howto use new pm-utils together with 915resollution. Currently, I use i810 driver and to get correct resolutuion I need to use 915resollution. (1280x800)

Pm-suspend works great, no problem at all. Pm-hibernate works too except that I don't know how to run 915resollution before, so I am back in X but the screen is 1024x768. So if I want to hibernate I still have to use hibernate script for suspend to disk... How did you get through this?

I know that the new intel driver will find the correct resolution, but when I tried it was step back for me - I mean performace drop, video playback problems, etc.

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Re: Howto use pm-hibernate together with 915resollution?

I'm having the exact same problem, along with other problems.

My system: Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with integrated Intel 945GM graphics chipset, i810 driver and slightly edited /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  Native resolution is 1280x800.  I've put 915resolution in /usr/sbin and added the line '/usr/sbin/915resolution 3c 1280 800' in the local startup script /etc/rc.local.  That gives me 1280x800 resolution on boot up.

The newly introduced pm-utils nuked my setup with powersave & kpowersave which was working well.  With pm-utils I got suspend (i.e. Standby or Sleep) to work partially but hibernate gives me the same major problem that you report.  I.e. it works all right but upon resuming it returns me to a screen with 1024x768 resolution, and I can't get from there to 1280x800 without killing the X server and logging out and thereby losing the current state of the system that I'd tried to preserve by using hibernate.

AFAIK, 915resolution patches the video BIOS residing in RAM, and hibernate doesn't seem to save and restore that portion of RAM.   Also, when hibernate restarts the system, it apparently doesn't run the /etc/rc.local startup script that would patch the video BIOS to give me the proper resolution.  How can I get around this?

I'm having other problems as well with using suspend and hibernate with the new pm-utils on my system (KDE 3.5.7 with kpowersave-devel 0.7.2-1).  For example, partitions on external USB HDD's are unmounted, their previous mount points become unavailable and they need to be manually remounted at shifted mount points (e.g. from sdb1 to sdb2), lid closure is not handled properly (lid closure blanks the screen, and I can't bring it back short of rebooting), with "dynamic" CPU Frequency Policy the second CPU of my dual core processor ALWAYS runs at top speed, I suspect that wlan connectivity has been adversely affected (connections frequently slow down enormously), etc. etc.

This upgrade to pm-utils has created a mess on my system.  It looks as though the configuration of acpid, pm-utils, cpufrequtils etc. for power management on laptops is more convoluted and less transparent now than it was with powersave, and at this point the Arch wikis on this subject are still in a very preliminary and incomplete state.  I'll post queries about my various problems with this separately.


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Re: Howto use pm-hibernate together with 915resollution?

I have exactly the same system and I can confirm almost everithing you wrote except mounting external filesystems after hibernate, because I did not test it... 

So until there is some documentation or wiki how to restart services or run some custom scripts, I will stay with hibernate script, that can do pretty much everything I need for hibernation.

For suspending to ram new pm-utils are great. Suspend is working very well. I used to have some problems, e.g. computer did not wake up correctly but reboot... but now it seems to be ok. (still testing...)


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Re: Howto use pm-hibernate together with 915resollution?

Hey to both you two.  I am going to try to address the faulty resolution that is experienced when coming back from a hibernation power state.  I have a setup very similar to both of you on my Core2Duo MacBook.  I have the xf86-video-i810 package installed along with 915resolution.  This is my first post that I am making on a Linux forum to try to help someone (I just recently switched from Windows about 4 months ago), so forgive me if I am completely off in my solution.

I was given a hint as to what the solution may be from the Mandriva Bugzilla.  A fellow there indicated his concerns with this problem, and the assigned developer attached a shell script that acts as a hook for pm-utils.  Even though I have no knowledge of the bash shell scripting language, some of the code seemed out of place with what I had compared it too from more up-to-date resources.  So I modified the original script, followed the format outlined in the ArchWiki, and obtained this:

case $1 in
        /etc/rc.d/915resolution stop
        /etc/rc.d/915resolution start

Oh, and just to make sure the application I used is the same as both of yours, I am using pm-hibernate from the most recent pm-utils package on Arch's repositories.  I saved the code above in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ as "21_915resolution," so the full path was /etc/pm/sleep.d/21_915resolution.  (I preserved the original file name in order to allow for a possible trace back to the source.)  I then made the file executable with:

# chmod +x /etc/pm/sleep.d/21_915resolution

Last, I executed "pm-hibernate" from the pm-utils package:

# pm-hibernate

I pressed the power button on my laptop after it had fully hibernated, the computer proceeded to boot up and load the suspend image that had been saved, and what do you know, the display was brought up along with the wonderful 1280x800 resolution!

That is all I had to do, and I hope this helps both of you in drawing out the procedure that results in a successful hibernation state that can bring forth many new and exciting possibilities. :)

EDIT: I just realized that the posts above were from over a month ago.  Nevertheless, I still hope these two individuals get to see this and anyone else who has this problem.  Thank you.

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