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#1 2004-04-08 17:00:32

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I have abs. I want to rebuild all my packages; not the whole world, just MY world (the ones I've installed), so I can apply my preferred compiler optimizations. Can makeworld do that?

I built one by hand (proftpd). Then I ran pacman on the full package name to install it. That worked. But I don't want to make every package by hand.

Seems if I had a script to makemyworld, it would be easiest to leave the pkg.tar.gz files right where they are created, just like when I built proftpd by hand. OTOH, it looks like gensync wants to see them all in one directory, is that correct?

I've only been using arch for a short time, so maybe I'm overlooking the obvious. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


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Re: makemyworld

In the User Contributions section, people have posted at least one, maybe two, scripts like that.  Read through the history.

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