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#1 2004-04-08 17:44:51

From: Kiev, Ukraine
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Serial ATA

Does the arch-0.6-base.iso recognize sata HDDs?
My friend cannot install arch because of invisibility of his hdd in installer sad
Maybe iso need to be recreated to support SATA, which appers on boxes?..

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#2 2004-04-09 04:25:46

From: Santiago, Chile
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Re: Serial ATA

0.5 does not support it, but 0.6 does. I could not install 0.5, but 0.6 worked perfectly on my SATA drive. You should notice that in standard /dev, the disc is hde, not hda. Maybe that is giving you trouble.

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#3 2004-08-14 00:31:13

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Re: Serial ATA

you also have to boot with "arch-scsi" at the prompt.

this wouldn't work for me, so I had to type the image, vmlinuz_scsi

anyway it detected my intel ich5r sata controller, but then crashed out soon after.


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