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inspiron 9300 cd drive performance

well, i put arch linux on my laptop last week. its one with ide drives, not sata. dell never officially doc'd a difference between the two and put out very few with sata in them. i worked for them so i had the inside info on that, lol.

anyway, basically, since i've had it, i've always had issues with the cd/dvd drive performance, some bios issue and no option in the bios to force it to work properly, anyway, im not the only one who's had that problem

but since day one, with windows xp on it, never got the drive to read or write dvds past 1.2x, for cd's its roughly 10x and the drive is rated 8x dvd and 32 or 40 for cd's

anyway, even vista never got full speed. fedora 6/7 did though, and so did ubuntu, i think they were using an ata_piix driver or something, i had read about it when i was using fedora 4 but couldnt figure out how to recompile the kernel

basically, im having the same problem here with archlinux. wondering how i could get ata_piix working or if theres something newer to replace it

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