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#1 2004-04-09 11:25:32

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permission denied under vmware?

i try running freebsd as a vitrual os under vmware (host is linux).
but i have problem with sharing internet bettwen them:
(i am on dialup and i choose kind of connetion is NAT)
did commands freebsd:

1--  ifconfig lnc0 netmask up
2--  route add default 

me@in_freebsd_box#: ping ok
me@in_freebsd_box#: ftp is not ok (msg error: permission denied)
me@in_freebsd_box#: links is not ok (msg error: permission denied)
althought i comment all line in hosts.deny

:!:  to solution that problem ?


#2 2004-04-09 19:00:09

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Re: permission denied under vmware?

I didn't think that .0 was a valid IP.  It's probably .1

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