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gnome-power-manager and screen brightness

gnome-power-manager appears to be screwing with my ability to adjust the screen brightness. Now there are only two brightness settings that work - the ones defined in gnome-power-manager settings.  Using the keyboard shortcuts "works" in that I can increase the brightness one level but then the change gets overridden.  Decreasing the brightness sets it at the minimum level then I can get it back without entering gpm settings.  This definitely work before the last update and I think for a while after.

Is there anyway I can get it to listen to manual adjustments?

Edit:  I think this was due to the latest hal update.

> lshal | grep bright
laptop_panel.brightness_in_hardware = false  (bool)

Edit 2:
Adding "video" to MOD_BLACKLIST in /etc/rc.conf fixed this.  This is just a kernel module right? Nothing else will be screwed...?

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