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#1 2004-04-13 20:01:35

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Proxy server probs

Trying to do my first pacman update/refresh after installing a base system of Arch (0.6 iso base) but having proxy server problems.

Problem is pretty much identical to this:

I filled in ProxyServer and ProxyPort parms in pacman.conf, but when I do a "pacman -Sy" I see this:

:: Synchronizing package databases...
current    [    ]    -2147483648%|    0K|    0.0k/s|    00:00:00

could not extract bison-1.875-2/desc:    Invalid argument

NIC card is definitely working, as I can ping several boxes, including the proxy server.

Bypassing the proxy server is definitely possible, as this box was previously running Debian, and apt-get was able to do it successfully (via the http_proxy and ftp_proxy environment variables).

Any ideas anyone?  I'm stumped.  If I can't this resolved soon, I'll have to go back to Debian.




#2 2004-04-15 04:05:47

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Re: Proxy server probs

Try upgrading to pacman 2.7.7 and using the new XferCommand directive in /etc/pacman.conf.  It will let you use an external program (like proxy-friendly wget) to get files.


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