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#1 2007-11-05 07:18:57

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eth0 timed out after upgrade is driving me crazy!

I just updated my system, and my network has become unreachable, ifconfig shows some weird ip address and I'm REALLY lost here, did some research on the forums but nothing helped me...i think it is cuz of dhcpcd...i guess, added the -A option to it but did not work, and I also do not know how to downgrade the package to an older version to check whether that solves the issue..if someone could instruct me on what to do i'd really appreciate it....

well, thanks in advance for your answers, GO ARCH smile

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#2 2007-11-05 11:43:01

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Re: eth0 timed out after upgrade is driving me crazy!

Hello could you please post here your rc.conf or network-profiles, also check daemon.log will by help full. If you use  dhcpcd daemon, weird ip is assigned from /var/lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-eth*.info. So you could try remove that file, daemon will create new one.


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Re: eth0 timed out after upgrade is driving me crazy!

Pass the -L option to it. Add it in /etc/conf.d/dhcpcd. If that works, reply or email me and I'll update dhcpcd with it.


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