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#1 2007-11-05 13:04:16

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Suspending Stopped Working with Kernel Upgrade

Hey There,

I was using suspending with my new PC without any problems. (dv2000 notebook series) It can sleep now without any problems. But when I try to wake it, the screen doesn't come back and it's always black... sad I always have to close the computer by pressing the power button a few seconds.

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Re: Suspending Stopped Working with Kernel Upgrade

I have a similar problem with 2.6.23 kernel.  I think I've managed to narrow the problem down to a filesystem issue.  After resume there is some kind of filesystem error so the laptop wakes up with no access to hd - it's not filesystem specific I think (I've tried using ext3 and reiserfs and the same thing happen each time, just the error message is different for each).  I haven't found a workaround yet so I'm using for the time being.

EDIT: My problem seems to have been caused by a harddrive (Toshiba MK8025GAS).  It was planning on changing it anyways (it's slow and there were always all sorts of problems with it) and after moving the system to the new HD everything is working great.  I hope you manage to get your issue resolved as well.

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