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#1 2007-11-26 17:42:29

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Making a bootable image for PXE

Hi all,

With some tweaks of the PXE page on the wiki I was able to get PXE up and running. After some more tinkering with cpio and such I am able to adapt the initrd to make minor changes in the PXE bootable image.
The next step of course is creating one from scratch, perferably from the current Arch repos since then the PXE boot is similar to the current version installed on the research testbed I maintain (this installation usually changes only every 2-3 months). PXE images are used to recover machines from HD crashes, check some common hardware problems or to install new machines, so it would be nice if I could add tools, configurations, scripts etc to the PXE image. Can anyone give me some tips on this issue?

Thanks in adv!


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