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#1 2007-11-29 18:38:15

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Install Arch From a USB Stick

Hi, i have a computer without CD/DVD reader or floppy drive, and i want to install Arch on it via USB.
I want to insert the USB and make it behave like if i were using a normal cd to boot and install, is this possible?


#2 2007-11-29 18:51:42

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Re: Install Arch From a USB Stick

you might wanna try dd if=arch.iso of=/dev/sda1
where sda1 is ur usb.
tell me if it worked lol


#3 2007-11-29 19:15:58

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Re: Install Arch From a USB Stick

Yes, it is possible.  No, dd from the iso won't work, because USB drives are not ISO 9660.  There is, in fact, a page of the wiki describing how to do this.  It worked for me.


#4 2007-11-29 21:34:10

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Re: Install Arch From a USB Stick

The instructions on the wiki worked for me as well.


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Re: Install Arch From a USB Stick … ch_Install

these instructions failed me

I did everything 100% perfeect adn added 2 edits to the actual page (small bits like mkdosfs won't do anything until you pacamn -S dosfstools package)

I get error "no operating system present" when I boot to usb drive.........



#6 2007-12-11 03:58:21

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Re: Install Arch From a USB Stick

I can recommend the install to a 2gB flash drive of archlinux based FaunOS.

This install uses dd if=FaunOSusb.img of=dev/sdx because it is a binary and partitioned for hdd types.

The install is described on the FaunOS website.

If when installed with 500 pkgs you end session and boot root, you are then in archlinux desktop.  Both modes are kde.  This can be changed is desired to use other wm.

Give it a whirl, the usb.img is 990MB and save session with aufs and pacman are all available.  Best to repartition after install with gparted to allow for expansion.

EDIT:  Boots in 45 seconds!
EDIT:  After setting up with the flash drive, perform an install to HDD with the FaunOS install program on the desktop.  I have this post running from an install to HDD of FaunOS.  It is based on Kernel26faunos- and  the kernel .....cannot be upgraded.......... but the packages are upgradeable via pacman and aufs overlays.

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