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SOLVEDusb stick with arch64 FTP iso boots then bombs

I DID this again and it magically worked, damn gremlins … _USB_stick

goal: boot arch64 ftp install iso from usb 2G stick … ch_Install

did this including the last step

usb stick now boots and gives the the fist page a normal iso does
"hit enter or type arch to begin"
I do and it does a lot of stuff then gets ERROR
failed to parse block device name for ''
root fs can not be detected  TRY adding rootfstype=kernel parameter
I added the rootdelay=20 but do not know what kernel parameter to add......I tried msdos and ramfs.....anyone know howto debug this? it seems an inch from working......

#cat syslinux.cfg
prompt 1
timeout 0
display boot.msg
default arch
label arch
kernel vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.img rootdelay=20

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