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#1 2007-12-19 23:35:15

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initramfs problem when booting


I've been trying to install Arch Linux on an older laptop that doesn't boot from USB or CD.

I've been following the instructions from … her_distro, but I'm having this show up on boot:

:: Loading root filesystem module...
Attempting to create root device '/dev/hda1'
Error: root fs cannot be detected. Try using the rootfstype= kernel parameter.
Waiting for devices to settle...done.

Root device 'dev/hda1' doesn't exist, attempting to create it
ERROR: Failed to parse block device name for '/dev/hda1'
ERROR: Unable to create/detect root device '/dev/hda1'
try adding 'rootdelay=8' or higher to the kernel command-line

Adding rootfstype=ext2 and rootdelay=15 to grub didn't help.

echo * in /dev/ doesn't show anything like a hard disk.

Grub is installed on the MBR, /dev/hda1 should be the root disk (menu.lst is properly found, and I double checked with gparted on Ubuntu).

My suspition lies with the pacman -S kernel26 step performed in chroot, but I'm hoping people will know more about this.



#2 2007-12-21 18:20:16

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Re: initramfs problem when booting

new ide driver (pata) and kernels since *.17 or *.18 use s* device naming scheme, such as sda1 and sr0. edit mkinitcpio, make sure it's at least like this:

HOOKS=base udev autodetect pata filesystems

and don't worry about the MODULES part. Then (as root) mkinitcpio -p kernelname.Just make sure u have all configs relating to /dev/sd* instead of hd* especially in fstab and menu.lst smile

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I need real, proper pen and paper for this.


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