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#1 2004-04-23 11:08:56

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Automatic hwd

AL-Amlug uses hwd at bootup, but automatically loads all modules and configs.  I'm creating a live cd, and I was wondering how they did that for my live cd  big_smile  any ideas?

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#2 2004-04-23 14:02:08

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Re: Automatic hwd

AL-AMLUG only loads the sound and usb modules. The hwd script in AL-AMLUG is modified from the orginal hwd-1.6-2. You can download it here (hwd-no-autoconfig): … m/etc/hwd/

Check in the script this line:

echo "modprobe $SOUND_DRIVER" >> /etc/.rc.local

The "hwd-no-autoconfig_cdTOhdd" is the original and copied to HDD with hd-install.


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