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#1 2004-04-28 13:42:01

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Standard Archlinux on AMD64

I have a new computer and want to put linux on it (of course I want) tongue
I have read a bit about the amd 64 thing. My new processor now is an amd64.

Is it possible to install archlinux the same way as I would install it on a normal processor, or do I need to tweak something?


#2 2004-04-29 01:27:21

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

well yes, since the A64 runs in 32-bit mode fine. I don't believe arch has a 64-bit version

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#3 2004-04-30 00:42:45

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

You certainly can. I've installed it on an amd64 emachines laptop. Like the previous post states, you wouldn't be taking full advantage of the 64bit architecture. There were problems, but it's mostly the same old linux tune.  The newer the hardware the more difficult it is to run linux.

At the least you could compile your kernel to optimize on 64 bit. It might cause some problems with drivers though. I am by far no expert. But so far it has been a good experience. Gentoo has gone a long ways towards full 64 bit optimization. This is not an advert for gentoo I'm just saying you can find a lot of info in their forums wink

Some links of interest:
On the right hand side this person has some links to gentoo tech notes and forum stuff.
This is more machine specific. I'm just showing you what I found.

A good resource for driver info is here:

Have fun!


#4 2004-07-23 04:59:02

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

was anyone successfull in building arch for amd64? it would be nice to have an howto on the wiki pages for that. i have tried to do it, but i lack too much of unix knowledge to overcome all those vicious errors i get (k, and my laziness...)
i had an idea how to use the new srcpac for that (ie, build specific amd64 package each time, but then we would update it automatically using our great arch tools) but again, since i failed creating the gnu compiler for amd64 i just gave up... hope someone could feel-in this void...


#5 2004-07-23 21:07:21

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

Does anybody know if it is possible to re-compile the kernel for AMD64, but keep Firefox, etc. 32-bit for Flash and other binary-plugin compatibility?


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#6 2004-07-23 21:18:39

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

I think that's the idea, as they made the chip, knowing there would be a special 64 bit windows, but they made the 32 bit support, so that you have something to run on that 64 bit windows.

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#7 2004-07-23 21:50:42

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Re: Standard Archlinux on AMD64

The only way to take full advantage would be to port arch from i686 to either amd64 or ia64.  This could be done the same way i586 was ported assuming that you have a 64bit cpu.  Personally I do not but if someone wants to sponser me with some hardware I'd be happy to port it smile

Also yes you could compile your kernel specifically for your cpu.  I'm not sure if this would speed up your computer, in fact I suspect that it would slow it down as the packages on your system would clash with your kernel configuration.  But you're free to mess with it.


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