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Chroot help requested

I need to set up a 64 bit vanilla Arch chroot within my current 64 bit set up. It will be a build machine for a TU who's packages are going into Community, so it needs to be accessible by SSH, has to contain packages only from Core and Extra, needs admin privileges (within the chroot), and has to act like any regular install.

It looks as if there are a few different ways to go about this. There's the method that people are using to put 32 bit environments into 64 bit systems, and there's the openssh-chroot method. The latter seems like it's easiest to set up, but I'm curious about something. I'm not sure if that one is more like a jailed section of my current system with rights to run some applications, or if it will fit my needs listed above. I'm also wondering which Wiki articles or forum posts did users find most useful?

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Re: Chroot help requested

I'm not an expert by any means, but I played around with openssh-chroot a while ago, but if I remember correctly, it chroots in a /root dir with very limited tools. I do not think that is what you want

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