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#1 2004-05-06 12:47:54

From: Canada
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URL handler for thunderbird, MAILTO handler for firefox

would like to see an integration of firefox and thunderbird.
thuderbird to call an url handler and firefox to call a mailto handler

so far my limited script editing has produced no success.
also tried the scripts in
such as a mod of
but I could not get it to work, besides it calls for the MOZILLA home environment to be set, which is not set on my machine for 'root' or 'users'. Is this environment set in arch by default?

I've stopped using the mozilla suite in favor of TB and FF

thunderbird site has something along this line, which I could not get to work

1- Create a shell script called "" in Thunderbird's directory (/opt/MozillaThunderbird for me) containing the following lines :


if [ "x$url" = "x" ]; then

if $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/mozilla-xremote-client openURL("$url, new-tab"); then
exit 0
exec $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/firefox "$url"

2- chmod +x /opt/MozillaThunderbird/

3- Create a file called user.js in your ~/.thunderbird/default/xxx/ containing :

// Use firefox for http, https & ftp links
user_pref("", "/opt/MozillaThunderbird/");
user_pref("", "/opt/MozillaThunderbird/");
user_pref("", "/opt/MozillaThunderbird/");

4- Copy mozilla-xremote-client from /opt/MozillaThunderbird/ to /opt/firefox/ 

Off to using Peanut and Slackware, no hard feelings but I need my CD to burn, PDA and scanner to connect and arch won't do it.



#2 2004-05-08 14:48:57

From: Malmoe, Sweden
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Re: URL handler for thunderbird, MAILTO handler for firefox

Hi Galen!  (in swedish galen=crasy but that's another story)
I have no answers to your problems but I had tried everything and given up also. So you are not alone in trouble with this stuff!

arch + gentoo + initng + python = enlisy


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