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hexagonal cap images align nicely! (compiz)

I found out that ANY hexagonally symmetric image, i.e. snowflakes, will align to the six corners of a 6-sided workspaces box (i.e. "horizontal virtual size" set to 6 under general options in the compiz settings manager) as long as: 1. the horizontal axis is aligned with the bottom edge of the image that you're using; 2. "Scale image" is enabled in "cube caps" 3. "Clamp image to border" is also enabled

Example: Here's a little something I made not long ago with the GIMP (first image). It's based on the image I use for my profile, (made w/GIMP & hubble image of M101) Then, this image on the cube with <60% opacity during rotation, with the Cygnus milky way region (1280x1024) as skydome (second image):


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Re: hexagonal cap images align nicely! (compiz)

Pretty neat smile

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