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#1 2008-04-18 14:25:12

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Network doesnt work / get installed

I earlier posted this one in Network Forum. probably better off here.

I dont seem to get any idea of why dont the Installation wont install the Network driver, ive got a MSI K9AGM3 Motherboard and it should have the RTL8110S ethernet controller..

But the thing that makes this strange is that Debian installs it with no problem, but ide really not like to use Debian on my server because Arch has turned out to be faster and more stable than Debian. So if i could get this problem solved i would be happy..

//BiohZn /


#2 2008-04-25 03:06:31

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Re: Network doesnt work / get installed

Hi BiohZn,

Running lspci should confirm you what network adapter you have. If it actually is RTL8110S the kernel module is r8169 which you should get simply by doing

# modprobe r8169

and maybe adding it to MODULES list in /etc/rc.conf


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