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#1 2004-05-26 16:31:21

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I'm a huge xfce4 fan and well I use it as my main desktop. I'm also loving arch and was wondering if someone could help me with this.

I usually use menumaker to make a fluxbox type menu in xfce4 (best way I could discribe it). The problem is that with arch packages are put in /opt and menumaker doesn't look there when you use it to scan and update the menu. So all of the programs that I really want to have in the menu are not there...

Is there a way to fix this? I really don't want to add each program manually thats the beauty of menumaker smile.

Thanks for your time.

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#2 2004-06-07 16:36:07

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Re: MenuMaker

Unless there's a way to configure mmaker to examine /opt/*/bin/ my best suggestion would be to create links from /usr/local/bin to the apps in /opt you want mmaker to find.

Hmm, when I think about it, wouldn't it be a big improvement if menumaker took $PATH into consideration?

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#3 2004-06-07 19:50:55

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Re: MenuMaker

It should be scanning /opt. It finds KDE, GNOME, and XFCE on my system. All of those are in /opt.

It uses your PATH.

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