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#1 2008-04-26 20:36:14

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... configured for UDMA/25...


I've got some errors while starting the installation from CD.
It's the same error like

I tested it with "arch ide-legacy", now it starts the Installation with errors (Cannot read Partitions Table).
If I now want to setup the HDD, it displays that the freespace on it is only 0MB.

On VMWare it works fine. But not on my Desktop sad.

The HDD on witch Arch will be installed is connected over IDE, a Second HDD is connected over SATA. If I remove the SATA Disk, the errors are still be there.

The Primary-HDD is formated in NTFS by WinVista and crypted (preboot authentication) in AES by Truecrypt. I want to override it with an ext3 FileSystem.
But how if it displays only 0MB.

Sry 4 my EN I'am german xD

I realy like ArchLinux but these Errors... Please help.


IDE: 160GB Samsung -> Primary (Crypted with Truecrypt & PreBootAuth)
SATA: 400GB AES Encrypted HDD (Truecrypt)

CPU: Intel Dualcore 1,8Ghz
Graphic: ATI Readon X1650 XT 256MB

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Re: ... configured for UDMA/25...

Ahh yes...

Board Type: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe.

It looks like that I'am not the only one how has problems with linux and this boardtype.
Any Idea how to fix this problem??


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