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feh troubles

When I click an image in pcmanfm it opens in feh, but I can only see that picture. I cannot use my arrow keys to browse all the other pictures in that directory. Is there a custom command I can supply pcmanfm so that it will do this?

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Re: feh troubles

feh normally just displays the image or images given to it on the command line. To display every image in a directory, you need to pass it the directory, not the images inside.

In Thunar I have a custom action set up to run a slideshow of a directory, using the %d parameter to tell Thunar to give feh the parent directory of the image file. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this directly in pcmanfm, but a small shell script will work just as well.

feh -S filename `dirname "$1"`

Note that this will always start at the first file in the directory rather than the one you clicked on.

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