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#1 2004-05-28 17:45:09

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extra archlinux mirror

I set up an archlinux mirror in the Netherlands with fast connection (100Mbit full duplex, shared with another box though).

The URL is

currently, the following official stuff is on it:
these repositories get synched from the main every hour.
- current
- testing
- unstable
- extra

There are also some extra repositories:
- incoming: unofficial repository which contains mainly newer versions of gnome stuff in arch
- gnome25: unofficial repository with stuff that didn't make it into gnome 2.6 (evolution 1.5)
- gnome27: unofficial repository with the upcoming gnome 2.7 development packages
- nptl: glibc build with NPTL support, obsoleted by testing nowadays

Within a week there should also come a KDE 3.3 alpha/beta repository with packages built by the new KDE maintainer, cmf. He asked me if he could get some bandwidth, the old KDE 3.2 beta packages were hosted on this box before.

I also put up rsync access for the people who want to have their own archlinux mirror. The rsync settings are the same on this box as on the main archlinux rsync server, you only need to change the host


#2 2004-06-03 00:22:05

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Re: extra archlinux mirror

great. The connection speed from my place is fast.

Can you write to the site maintainer to get this mirror offiically  included?

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