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#1 2004-05-30 20:54:57

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Problems loading modules.

Here's my problem:

I've recompiled the kernel as the how-to on the main site of arch said (the classic recompiling without abs).
I coud reboot the system without any issues and enter my root user.
What happend?? I coudn't load any of the kernel modules.
I get that /lib/modules/2.6.3/modules.dep is not found when I run modprobe xxxxx. I've installed 2.6.6-1 kernel from, so I guess that the real directory to look at is /lib/modules/2.6.6/modules.dep (actually it exists).
How can I point modprobe to look at that directory???
I suppose thats the problem, isn't it? Because after, I could load up my net modules (3c59x) without any problems.

The first time I installed arch linux I made pacman to upgrade my kernel. It happened the same as now, I coudn't get any module load up.

Well, that's all.... I'm here to respond for all your questions.
Sorry for my English  :?


#2 2004-05-30 21:34:20

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Re: Problems loading modules.

maybe you forgot to do the "make modules_install"

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#3 2004-05-30 22:45:57

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Re: Problems loading modules.

You're still running your old kernel.  Type uname -r, if it says 2.6.3, it's still the old kernel.

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