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The choices of installing OpenOffice summary

i think the OO package situation isn't really great at the moment
i found 4 possibilities you have to install OO in Arch and wanted to collect them here

1. you can use the english version which is an alpha build by running
pacman -S openoffice

2. you can use JGC package(which is a Ximian build, multilanguage and build from source) you can find at:

3. for german users have a look at my PKGBUILD at:
it's only a way to install official OO binaries and spellchecking with pacman (no source build)

for other languages here is a sample for the english version (i didn't test it  but i think it should work this way)

UPDATE 19.6.2004!

#Contributor: Tobias Powalowski <>

pkgdesc="OpenOffice builded with Binaries from"
depends=('python' 'perl' 'gmp' 'xfree86' 'gcc')

build() {
  cd $startdir/src/OOo_1.1.2_LinuxIntel_install
  mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/opt/openoffice
  mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/bin
# now start install
  sed -i 's|^oo_home=.*$|oo_home=openoffice|g' install
  ./install --prefix=$startdir/pkg/opt
  cd ..
  cp -rf share ../pkg/opt/openoffice
  cd ..
  cd pkg/usr/bin
  ln -s ../../opt/openoffice/program/soffice soffice
# this is a workaround for a bug with kprinter >= kde 3.2.3 if you use it as print wrapper
# if you experience problems remove the following 2 lines and gcc from depends
cd $startdir/pkg/opt/openoffice/program
mv; ln -s /usr/lib/
# and now to fix all the KDE/Gnome links...
  cd $startdir/pkg/opt/openoffice/share/kde/net
  sed -i 's|^Exec=.*openoffice/program/(.*)$|Exec="/opt/openoffice/program/1|g' *.desktop
  cd $startdir/pkg/opt/openoffice/share/gnome/net
  sed -i 's|^Exec=.*openoffice/program/(.*)$|Exec=/opt/openoffice/program/1|g' *.desktop
  sed -i 's|^Icon=.*share/icons/(.*)$|Icon=/opt/openoffice/share/icons/1|g' *.desktop

4. Without pacman using the binaries from
extract the package and run ./setup -net to have full control over the installation process

Quickstarters for OO can be found in staging repo
one is command-line based called ooqstart
for kde you can also use oooqs which is a nice applet

if you have more ideas or suggestions feel free to post it here


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Re: The choices of installing OpenOffice summary

On this line of the english pkgbuild


take out the _040528 and it should work just fine.


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