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#1 2008-05-17 05:43:37

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A kernel panic? I dont believe it!

ok well I was connecting my laptop to my bluetooth mouse via bluetooth like I have always done, with:

sudo hidd --search

while that command was working I waited a bit and it seemed to take longer than usual, then I saw the light on my caps lock button blinking! yes it was a kernel panic. I really dont know what this happened. I havent done any system tweaking at all. I have all the latest updates. Has this happened to anyone else? But then again, there is a possibility that it is the hardware itself that is messing up. It is an hp pavillion dv 6395ea, it has worked terribly in almost every OS I have tried. a few versions of ubuntu, opensuse, mandriva, pclos, vista (which came with it, it couldnt even shutdown).


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