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IP Camera + Linux?

I'm trying to route the output from a wired/wireless IP Camera (INTELLINET 550345) to a projector in a different part of the building. I can do it through Windows with IE+activex, but the quality is not as good as I'd like.

I've been able to save video from the camera in pretty high quality. Is it possible to use something like xawtv/camE in combination with netcat (or similar) to do what I want? I think that it would involve somehow connecting (through a named pipe?) cameraip:40001 to /dev/video0 and then configuring xawtv/camE to use /dev/video0, but I'm not sure.

I'm going to give it a try, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If I have to use Win/IE, I'll have to, but I'd rather be able to provide the highest quality possible.

By the way, I need video AND audio...

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