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#1 2008-05-26 14:57:04

Captain Spaulding
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New fglrx does not detect dock

The combination Linux 2.6.25 and Catalyst/fglrx 8.5 (8.49.7 to be precise) does not detect if the laptop is docked or not. The previous setup of 2.6.24 and Catalyst 8.4 did.

Long Version:
I'm running ArchLinux on an HP Compaq nx6325 Laptop with an ATI Xpress 1100 Chipset with integrated RS485 Radeon IGP display controller. I also use an HP PA286a docking station. The laptop has a native resolution of 1400x1050 and the LCD attached to the dock has a resolution of 1280x1024.

Before the update the fglrx driver would detect if the laptop is docked at boot or not -- hot-docking never worked -- but the new driver fails to do so. Checking with xrandr reveals that the LCD attached to the dock is not detected. xrandr instead displays the data for the laptop panel. The Xorg log does not tell of any problems.

I'm just at the starting line to troubleshoot this new issue and I have to admit my Xorg-fu is weak. I would like to fall back on 2.6.24 to check if it's a kernel issue but this is rather painful under ArchLinux sad

So, I'm basically looking for suggestions how to proceed. Any hints?


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