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Help with widescreen resolution

Hello it is me again with my compaq 6510b!

I'm not on a fresh Arch installation but unfortunately I can't get my resolution to work. I know for sure that in Windows I had 1440x900 but it doesn't seem to work. xrandr says my maximum resolution is 1024x768 and that is a little low for me sad Do I have to construct my own ModeLine entry in xorg.conf? That scares me because I need to find out refresh rates and if I enter them wrong something might blow up. How do other laptop owners do this?

EDIT: I get the a message saying that X fails to create "write combining range (0xd000000,0x7700000)". I've tried using the option NoDDC, which seems to have worked for some other people but all it does for me is generate this: "<II>Module ddc already built-in"

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Re: Help with widescreen resolution

You could use 915resolution.

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