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#1 2008-08-02 14:17:29

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Opinion please : kio-sysinfo for kdemod

Hello everyone!

I'm the maintener of kio-sysfo pkgbuild on Aur.
Stable kio-sysinfo did not work with kde4 and there is now a kio-sysinfo-svn for kde4.

Presently, stable kio-sysinfo depend on kdelibs (old kdelibs from kde 3.5.X) and I would like to have some opinion
before updating the package.

Two people can use the stable pkgbuild now:
1- people who did not update their kde installation
2- people who use kdemod3

So I have 2 choice:
1- I updated the package to depend on kdemod3-kdelibs for up to date people
2- I did not update my package for people who did not sync their Arch.

Any opinion?


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