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#1 2004-06-24 23:46:40

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Open Systems

Top 10 Vendor Definitions of Open Systems

10) Unix System Laboratories: "If you pay us for the license, it's open."

9) IBM: "You want open systems? We've got 13 of them. Which one do you want?"

8) Microsoft: "Open systems? Isn't that a laxative?"

7) DEC: "A palatable way to sell Unix. No, really, we like Unix. Honest,
          we do."

6) OSF: "Anything IBM and DEC can both agree on must be open."

5) Apple: "If we can't sue them, it must be open."

4) SCO: "The politically correct way to retain dominant market share."

3) POSIX: "We'll form a committee and give you a definition in six months."

2) Sun: "Give me an 'S'...Give me a 'P'...Give me an 'A'... Give me an 'R'...
          Give me a 'C'...What's that spell? OPEN!"

1) ACE: "ACE is the place with the helpful hardware spec. If you don't see
          what you want, just join."

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Re: Open Systems

Funniest. Unintentional Smiley. Ever.

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Re: Open Systems

Haha, nice, on account of the list and the smiley.  wink


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