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#1 2008-08-14 02:13:10

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Stuck at Localization

Absolute newbie to Arch but am determined to learn and install. Working from the printed Beginners guide, page 14, Localization, LOCALE, HARDWARECLOCK, , etc.:  I cannot fine the commandline or a way to enter the desired values so I can continue with the installation.  Any help or referral other guides will be most appreciated. Thanks.


#2 2008-08-14 06:10:52

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Re: Stuck at Localization

"2.10 Configure the System"

There is a submenu named (Configure system). It will ask some questions, than let you to a screen, where is a "rc.conf" item.


#3 2008-08-17 07:11:24

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Re: Stuck at Localization

the trick to know for me was that I HAD to open up the locales or whatever it's called about 8 positions down in the list at the configuration page (as mentioned about I believe) when I EXITED the locals page/area it WROTE the correct local settings...

hope this might be of help....
and, sorry I'm not able to ensure more accuracy with the wording/area I pointed out.
not possible right now


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